Agricultural Propane

Propane keeps farms all across America’s heartland running!

You can’t control the weather, but CC Propane offers you something you can control: the cost of heating, running equipment, and drying crops. In fact, propane can be up to 50% less than other options.

Join nearly 900,000 other farms across America and put propane to work for you!

CC Propane can meet all of your farm’s needs!

  • Cylinders
  • Installation
  • Gas delivery
  • Irrigation
  • Farm equipment, tractors, forklifts, and trucks
  • Poultry brooding
  • Generators and pumps
  • Crop drying
  • And more!

NO Hidden Fees!

If you've dealt with one of our competitors, you're probably familiar with the headaches of hidden HAZMAT and delivery fees. All of our fees are up front so you know the TRUE cost of what you’re buying.

In Case of Emergency Call: 1-877-228-2657

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