Pricing Programs

We all have different budgets and different ways of managing our money. That’s why CC Propane offers you options when it comes time to order propane.

Budget Pay Plan

The Budget Pay plan offers you 10 lower, equal monthly payments all year. Budget Pay is a convenient option that provides price protection, zero financing fees, and FREE Automatic Delivery so you don’t need to worry about checking the tank gauge or calling for a delivery.

You can choose convenient automatic deductions from a credit or debit card, or make payments in person or by phone.

The enrollment period is from early April until Mid-July.

Pre-buy Plan

You’ll turn up the heat this winter without a second thought! Pre-buy gives you the option to purchase propane during the summer months when rates are traditionally lower. Your annual propane usage is estimated to determine the number of gallons to purchase, starting with a minimum of only 400 gallons.

**These gallons sell quickly on a first-come, first-served basis.**
**Orders are valid only with a signed contract and when paid in full.**

Please call CC Propane today if you have questions or need more information to complete your contract.

Automatic Delivery Service

You don’t have to remember to schedule a delivery, because we’ll track your use for you. Our inventory tracking system allows us to track historical and current weather conditions as well as monitor propane usage in your tank to determine when a delivery is needed.

With Automatic Delivery, your delivery will be scheduled before your tank gauge reads below 20 percent. This reduces the possibility of an undesirable out-of-gas situation.

We ask that you notify us if there has been a change in your home that increases your usage so that our automated routing system information is accurate.

Will Call Customers: Call us when your tank gauge reads 30% to allow time for a delivery. (Tip: Let the tank lid drop back against the tank to ensure the gauge is not stuck.)

In Case of Emergency Call: 1-877-228-2657
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